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From Vogue this morning:

NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD continues to win over the fashion world with his statement making shoes and his latest sculptural creations are no different.

As part of a special project from Alta Roma, the Italian institution dedicated to supporting the country's fashion industry, the designer (who only recently won critical acclaim at the Vogue Italia "Who's Next" accessories design awards) has created a shoe inspired by Turineses designer Carlo Mollino.

"I took inspiration from the Cavour writing desk Mr. Mollino made from Zanotta," explains Kirkwood.

"Throughout his industrial design work, Carlo Mollino frequently used a wood, glass and fabric, so the shoe is a direct reference to table. The Cavour table features a balance between heaviness and lightness - a beautiful asymmetrical balance. It's strong visually swooping shape, similar to the shoe that I created for the event," he adds.


Personally I will take a shoe designed from something other then a table.

Are not aesthetics, grace, flow, beauty not elements to covet in a shoe? If we wear heels is it not to look and feel beautiful and not like we are clumping around on a tabletop.

I understand that these are extreme and they are conceptual and they are pure design, but so is couture and at some point it trickles down and even in a milder form I will take a pass on being inspired by tables when it comes to my shoes - thanks very much.

I think this guy does not like women.


Wearit.com said...

Looks like this designer liked Jenga a little too much!

Kate said...

so true...maybe they're more of a design piece than shoe? still...if I see a good heel I want to wear it not put it on the mantlepiece!

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