We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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I am really excited to share this video from 1969 with you. At about the 50 second mark, the full length version of the same Biba coat that we currently have posted in the shop, makes an appearance! I can't tell you how everyone on the SC team squealed, when we spotted it! It's like the holy grail of vintage fashion to be able to document pieces to this level and to actually see a piece moving and in action, in the original Biba shop!! Well.... it is just extraordinary!

Our shorter version is as mint as the day it was made and I am so so pleased to be able to have it for that lucky girl who will snatch it up - will it be you?

The rest of the clip is fantastic too, and a great little peep into the world of Biba past.
I hope you enjoy it!


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