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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Just to show that sometimes the original is as good (OK so I think better but I want to be fair here) as a relaunch - especially when the relaunch is REALLY staying true to the original and not trying to recreate the wheel..........

A couple of graphic print pieces from this season's Herve Leger collection just posted at Net-A-Porter.com

Asymmetric bandage dress

 Geometric jacquard bandage dress

gorgeousness right?

but I say these next two original pieces designed by Herve Leger himself stand the test of time and can go head to head with the ones above .....

1990s Dotted Herve Leger Bandage Dress

Three Piece 1990s Dot & Stripe Herve Leger Set
(shown with jacket above and with just the skirt and bandeau top below)

and I would bet you damn good money that the originals will continue to hold their value (and increase) as time goes by where the ones produced now will not. Pieces made and conceptualized by the original designer and produced on a smaller scale will win out and stand the test of time. 

Buy vintage or buy the new - or both but know you have the option of either 

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