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Sexy Summer dressing

I so love dressing for one of those fabulous Saturday evening's out on a patio in a full length sexy little 70s number. It is just so much easier! Throw on a sexy sundress like this one and a hot little strappy sandal and you will drop jaws every where you go.

Its easy, it has maximum impact and looks like you put a lot of effort into it. Add an expensive little clutch and you will look like a star!

I tend to wear this type of dress out during the day too - I have been throwing on a one of these 70s maxi dresses almost every Saturday for the last few weeks now to go jaunting about and I cannot believe the amount of compliments I get! Yes you feel a bit strange in a sea of khaki shorts, but as more and more people comment and total strangers come up to tell you they love the dress, well you soon feel wrapped in your own private bubble of glamour!

This one is a bit bare for the grocery store in town perhaps but you would be amazed at what you can get away with at the cottage. Throw on flip flops and a big tote bag and have yourself a little French Riveria moment!

Original 1970's Sunflower plunge dress available on my website now

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