We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Today has been pretty exiting for me - Erin from A Dress A Day(http://www.dressaday.com/dressaday.html) featured one of my dresses and it sold almost instantly! It was the little striped dress shown here and I am kind of sad to see it go! I hope it's new owner loves it as much as I do! I think these little fifties sun dresses are the perfect thing to own for summer weather. You can wear em crinoline free and with flip flops and you look summer time cool and casual but still "done". Then for night you can throw on a crinoline (and personally I like to do one is a color that contrasts or maybe matches your shoes) add high strappy sandals and a fab little (expensive) bag ...ok the expensive bag thing is just me but I have admitted my weakness for them already ....... and your casual little dress suddenly looks like a million bucks!

Since the fab stripe dress is gone I thought I would show you another off my site that works in a total dot kind of way. This is a Candy dress...yep that is the tag and it makes me wonder if the shoe company ever did dresses? It's has that same feel as the one above and works in the same kind of way for me! Love it!

Big shout out to Erin again! Love you girl!


Jill's world of research, reaction, and millinery said...

Erin is amazing..Sr. Editor of Oxford Dictionary by day, vintage dress stalker by night. How does she do it? I'm glad she pounced on your site, now another place to get eye candy. And if I ever intend to be a size 8, that is the only kind of candy I should have!

Shrimpton Couture Blog said...

You just email me sizes and your dress wish list - I have tons not even posted yet!

Thank you for the kind post!

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