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The Return of the Mini

Have you seen the brand new US Vogue with Miss Kate Hudson on the cover? HUGE layout featuring the new short and puffed mini, spurned on this season primarily by couture house Balenciaga! (Balenciaga . . . drool)

This new trend has been rippling slowly through the fashion world and seems to be gaining popularity every day. Don’t you think it’s sort of funny how a trend that is said to be total crap when the first few brave souls wear it, gains strength amongst the masses once it is shown in the mags often enough!

Miss Sienna Miller took a bit of crap and had her ass end up on the fug lists a few times now for being one of the brave girls to venture out in mini’s well before the rest of us…remember when she wore the gold sequined Burberry recently? I think she made fug look of the day on every internet list going. And yes she definitely had BAD hair (Sienna darling if you paid someone to do that for you – go to someone else – TODAY) but if you sort of ignore her head the outfit itself was pretty cool. And I have a sneaking suspicion that had any of us seen that piece in real life we would have all had our hands slapped for trying to feel it up – it is Burberry and you KNOW it was probably heaven to wear. However, please let me say publicly - if you know you are going to be photographed for a major event - PLEASE NO sequins next to your face - the resulting flash effect is just not pretty! Sigh

Rant about sequin flashes and bad hair aside, I do realize that Burberry is fabulous and I just bought one a killer Burberry floral trapeze coats myself, but I am much more partial to the ORIGINAL 60s version of the little gold dress - which in a shameless plug of self-promotion is in MY current vintage collection and running on eBay now. It’s a better cut, has a sexier neckline and will cause NO FLASH EFFECT. Sienna you can call, really – I can hook you up girl!


peg said...

Alas, my days of wearing mini dresses, sequined or not, are long past.
Fabulous! items on your website though and I've bookmarked your blog.

Gidget Bananas said...

I love this dress -- if it's Mod, I'm so there, in spirit at least.

Shrimpton Couture Blog said...

Just a note that this little beauty did not make reserve so is now available on my website!

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