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Chloe, crochet, Kate Moss and me

Spring 2006 saw the advent of
white and more specifically, white crochet come back to the forefront of fashion. But the true fashionista knows every thing new probably has its roots in something old and today I want to show you just that!!

Crochet is a truly wondrous thing when done by hand. Mass produced machine stitched crochet can be pretty; but when one holds a hand-worked Irish crochet piece in one's hand and imagines a woman hunched over her threading, putting each stitch tightly in place - well it is like holding a minor miracle really. And though extraordinarily popular at the turn of the century, with a mild resurgence in the 60's with that era's nod to arts & crafts, it has not been in fashion for quite some time.

This spring however, several designers showcased this beautiful textile, with Chloe's versions (above), being some of the best and largely responsible for launching this trend into the public eye. Yum! I think Chloe's version was fresh and quite an original take on this look. Takes a standard and makes it fresh. Bravo to the Chloe team!

Mui Mui had a version too that I absolutely LOVED, shown here from a page out of UK Vogue. This piece is a closer version of an original Irish Crochet design - note the circular pattern and the mod shape and rawness of the design giving it a more 1960's feel!

And then here is the stunning Kate Moss in her VINTAGE version of the trend. Which perhaps not surprising is the best of all the above, for me anyway. And I would bet my right arm that she is partly responsible for the above dresses even being conceptualized. Miss Kate tends to have her own internal fashion radar and her posh designer friends know that she has that innate sense of what's happening next and pay attention. Kate wearing a 1960's version is reason enough to add it to the runway as something "new". And why did she pick it up? Probably because as a true vintage lover she fell in love with the craftsmanship and work put into it. I have a feeling our girl Kate is a bit of a romantic at heart and falls in love with clothes based on how they look and feel and not just the label. Kate is one of us

So, we have a "trend" that spans about 30 or 40 years so far right? Well guess what? This one goes WAY back, even farther then my piece I have pictured below and is a trend that has been resurrected numerous times!

This wonderful little jacket/top is from the 30's and IT is a knock-off from earlier time periods. I find that sort of amusing.

Here's my 1930's version

Original Irish crochet in pristine condition.
Do you see the similarities that run through all the pieces? Which is better? I can pretty much guarantee you that the earlier pieces are the ones that are the best made!
This piece is entirely done by hand - every stitch, every tight little loop done by someone's hand. It is a work of art really.
Almost 90 years old and perfectly in tune with the season's top trend.
Except this one is one of a kind and no one else on the planet will own it.
That's my kind of trend!

(Irish crochet top available at auction on eBay now)


Gidget Bananas said...

That little white jacket is to. die. for.

Yin Yee said...

Great write-up. Thanks. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very informative too. And your jacket is gorgeous. So classy!

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