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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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People seem to get stuck on how to wear vintage so I am launching a new feature that I hope will help called How To Wear It.
Think of me as your personal vintage stylist!

Let's work with a basic cotton sundress with a great floral print from my site

Add these gorgeous circle flip flops from Musa and this beautiful butterfly bag from Anna Sui and you have a simple, stylish ensemble that you can shop in and lunch in and maybe kiss a hot summer date in.

Now let's take that dress to a cocktail party

Marc Jacobs grape velvet platforms, dramatic Nicki Geula rose quartz earrings and a killer Diane Von Furstenburg gold leather clutch.

Vintage is NOT hard.

You mix it up just the same as any other piece in your wardrobe. The only difference between wearing a fabulous vintage dress and wearing a modern design?

Your the only girl who has it!
And that makes you a very clever girl indeed!

(dress available at Shrimpton Couture, all other items avaibale to purchase at Net-a-Porter)

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Yin Yee said...

When I first started wearing vintage, I was afraid that I would look dated or costumey -- like I just walked out of Stepford Wives or a period stage set. The solution is to choose clothes with great cut and construction and timeless appeal. Check out the blue dress on this website. It would stand you in good stead in the board room! I also like the orange 40's dress with the fab waist. A wonderful dress for the office!

Match vintage with modern accessories like shoes, ear-rings and bags and trust me, you'll get endless compliments. Or you may start off with vintage accessories, like a shawl or bag. Check out the blue shawl and bags here.

I urge all vintage virgins to give vintage a try. Good vintage shows off your assets like no modern clothes could but does this in a subtle and respectful manner. Enjoy!

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