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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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I have a case of Outfit Lust

Fabulous Julie from over at the Damn Good Vintage Blog, sent me this picture of Christina Aguilera today which she found posted at Go Fug Yourself. The usually sharp-tongued girls over at GFY, gave Christina a whole-hearted you look fabulous rating on this outfit.


If that red dress is not vintage, then some designer hit the ol' vintage vaults pretty damn hard and used tracing paper rather then a went for "inspiration" on this one. And it works and works well.

I am in Outfit Lust

You can bet that I will be going through my racks this weekend looking to pull off my own version of said ensemble. In various colors and fabrics.

So if over the weekend when I post new items on Shrimpton Couture, those new items look a touch "familar" to you - a sort of hmmm that silhouette looks like a certain red dress, trench combo something I just saw somewhere......., well then it will be our little secret.

Maybe at lunch today though.......you might just want to go find yourself a pair of leopard shoes

Just in case


Anonymous said...

That is The Best outfit - I love it and she looks great

Magarite Elaine said...

Those pumps really remind me of a pair of Steve Madden heels I pulled to use on photoshoot last week. Her outfit is totally cute! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Once a label whore, always a label whore...LOL!

Anonymous said...

If I can look like that I wanna be a label whore too!

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