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A Personal Note

So I am having this fashion personality change moment and decided to share.

See I am a 70's girl - I love Ossie Clark - Biba, floaty, silly dramatic clothes with sleeves that you have to hold as you reach across the table for fear of dunking them in the nearest saucy dish; necklines that plunge to the belly button - you know the ones that other woman raise their eyebrows at and men try to look everywhere but? Yep I am that girl. See Nicole in that outfit a couple of posts down? That's a typical let's-get-dressed-up-and-go-for- dinner-Cherie-outfit.

This picture of Jean Shrimpton...that is my idea of the perfect walk in the woods outfit. Uhmmm with heels

High ones

Sigh - OK, OK I know, I am high maintenance.

So that is me and it is firmly me but...........lately

I keep seeing Miss Christina in her pencil skirts, looking like a 1940's with a twist movie starlet

And Posh has been sporting the same look this season and *gasp* she actually looks good.

Like really good.

Sort of womanly, but in a Hollywood kind of way- a way that I have somehow gotten the urge to take for a ride and to give it a try.........

So suddenly, I am wearing 1940's pencil skirts and vintage tops that are skinny and fitted. And belts - wide, thick, in your face belts. I am me, but with curves. I am me, but with this sort of hip swingy thing going on cause I am wearing a tight skirt and my steps are smaller. I am me, but who suddenly has an ass and hips and a waist.

And it feels sort of good. Sort-of, kind-of, movie starish. Sort of a rebellion against the big over-sized shapes showing on the runways. It feels kind of put together and under control. Sexy but in a secret, controlled kind of sexy. A "you can look but not touch - unless of course I allow it", sexy kind of way.

Don't get me wrong, I still think the outfit that Jean wears at the top of today's post still works for a good jaunt in the woods, should one need to go jaunt in the woods. Afterall, one never knows when one might happen upon the perfect fallen tree upon which to pose and a Shrimpton Girl should always be prepared for just that type of situation should it arise.


For the city streets I think I will do some hip sashaying, girlie-girl pencil skirt fashion for a bit. Try it and see. It feels sort of "right"

But the high heel shoes - those stay. I may change fashion personalities once in a while but the heels...well those ARE me.


Magarite Elaine said...

It's good to switch your game up every once and awhile. You have to keep your public guessing :).


Change is good. Too much change can be bad!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I love this blog!!

Gidget Bananas said...

Pencil skirts rule!

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