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What is it about vintage?

Yesterday I met a friend who I literally have not seen in 20 years for lunch down in Yorkville in Toronto. It was a great lunch and so very nice to have someone I was very close with re-enter my life after all these years

((Hi darling if you are reading **huge waves**))

Now the thing about meeting someone you have not seen since high school is that little bit of anticipation you feel - what will they be like now? what will they look like? will we still click?

In this case we were both still pretty fabulous (if I may say so) and the spark that started the friendship all those years ago - lit up again as if only a day had gone by


Anyway to get to the point and the tie in to vintage - I find that when I am in any kind of a potentially socially awkward position - I tend to reach for vintage to wear. Yesterday it was a simple black 50's sheath very similar to the infamous Audrey Hepburn one pictured here. It's like my own private little armor - you know good vintage will outdo even the best of best of the new and you are guaranteed to be the only one wearing it right? But yesterday as I drove home I realized that I also tend to reach for vintage because it is just such a damn good ice-breaker.

Think about it... two old friends re-meet and happily still recognize each other .....hug hug.... air kiss ...air kiss.... sit down.... order drinks and then start to catch up. And somewhere inadvertently the "you look fabulous" line comes up and "is that dress vintage" and you are off .... somehow magically transported through that very start of a sentence straight back to your girlie high school days of discussing boys and clothes - just now intermixed with grown up interjections on careers and the current commodities market.

It works for me anyway.

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