We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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OK so I am now officially moved.

And yes this has been the longest move in history because just after moving I got deathly ill. High fever for four days.....could not eat a damn thing.

I lived on ice cubes for 4 solid days. I kid you not.

I did lose 8 pounds which is never a terrible thing for most of us girls, but yikes - what a way to go about it - not recommended let me tell you.

So now I have only nominal boxes left to unpack and am happy to have twice the amount of room for my studio space. I still have some organizing to do so am not quite back up and running yet for the sites but will be happily adding new merchandise soon.

I have decided to start posting on this blog regularly again in the meantime though, so at least I can keep in touch with everyone through here!

This week I am going to work on getting my vintage collection fully organized and catalogued in it's new home and on re-setting up my space so I can shoot photos again. Thats a bit of work in itself but sort of mandatory if I ever want to post new items to the site again *smile*

The funnest part of the move has been to find so many, many items I had forgotten I had! When you realize while packing, that your collection is running up into the thousand(s).... (not including accessories and bags even!), its a little overwhelming! But it was great to re-discover so many treasures at the same time! It was a bit like shopping in my own place - for FREE *teehee* you know you are addicted when...........

This weekend I am scooting off for ten days to do a trip to the Montreal area and then across the country to spend next weekend in San Francisco. And I already bought an empty rack for all the treasures I will be bringing back from that little trip! I will tell all of my adventures and there may even be a boy involved so this could be very, very fun!

So that is my update for today. I will post again tomorrow and we will see where we are at. I think in the very next bit, this blog may become a bit of a vintage commentary as it was but with a little more personal bits and pieces thrown in. That is if you all can stand hearing about my new life.

I feel like I am just beginning a grand adventure - so if you are up to it I just might share it with you!

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YY said...

O pl do share! We would love to hear! Happy to hear that you are up and well. Looking forward to your posts and seeing your new merchandise. Stay well!

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