We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Busy, busy girl hard at work

Oh I am a busy, busy girl these days - busy adding pretty dresses to Shrimpton that is!

There is a ton of new items and I am leaving the older items up and on sale for a bit more (eventually all the older pieces are coming down though so if you are contemplating something grab it before its gone!) I am also going to make a concentrated effort on the weekend to update Shrimpton Couture II - the accessories site. I have SO many vintage handbags and some great pieces of jewelry and its only my own selfishness in not being able to give them up that keeps me from adding to that site as well

Ok so I have issues

The first step is in admitting right?

Here are some pretty pics of just a few of the new items - check out the site to see everything and check back daily between now and Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Girl get those accessories up! Stop being selfish and share with the wealth :). It's time for my shrimpton fix.
Happy New Year!

YY said...

Looking forward to seeing some fab stuff on SCII. How about something for the male specie too? Would love to see some fab ties or great gift ideas (vintage Swatch watch maybe?) Share! Share!

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