We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Well well its been an interesting few months to say the least but I think I am really and truly back this time. Before going on I want to say a quick thank you to all those who dropped me emails with such wonderful kind words - you all helped tremendously!

After an abysmal amount of time absent I have finally done a bit of a major overhaul on the site. Some pretty new graphics... a tweaked fresh new look and even more exciting then the outside appearance - I am finally back to adding new merchandise!

I have even added two new categories - a treasure hunt section, where I will be featuring items at terrific prices - this is where you will pick up great pieces that I just need to clear out. They are still Shrimpton quality but I have decided some of my vast collection just has to go! The second new category will feature contemporary design. Most of these pieces are from my personal collection and closet though if it goes well I will start hunting with an eye specifically for this section. This is new items - mint condition and picked personally by me. I get tons and tons of requests to do personal shopping from friends and acquaintances and this is sort of doing just that - I have shopped for every piece and bought because I fell in love with it!

Check back soon and often and in the meantime here's a picture that gives you an idea of some of the fun parts of my life lately. Right before my recent string of not so spectacular luck I went on a fabulous trip overseas with my guy.

Love and kisses

PS. And yes its all vintage - the bag isa silk screened 1970's Christian Dior - the nice people at Dior actually checked the archives and cross-referenced it for me and the dress is a 1950's 0r 60's Hawiian Sundress


YY said...

Welcome back Cherie! Look forward to seeing more of you and your lovelies! (scooting over to check out your site)

emmapeelpants said...

You two are too cute - great to see you back!! Liz xx

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