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field day #3

today is the last day in the field and it is a glorious beautiful finnish day. I have had the opportunity to see a ton of the finnish countryside and it is gorgeous. ok its a bit buggy too but very pretty.

I have been living a pretty rural life these days..staying at very simple humble places. the most fashion I have seen in the last three days have been when I look down at my own cute diesel sneakers I brought for the field.

flight back to helsinki in a couple of hours and back to my real clothes. I am not a casual girl on the best of days and after three days of field clothes I find myself breaking into random day dreams that are about heels and pretty frocks. sick yes but true

will post pics as soon as I can....here to all the casual girls out there who can do it waay better then me and to the dress up girls...wish me speed back to my pretties

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Rosanna said...

Hi, I was going through the list of links on my blog ( http://www.sandalshowcase.blogspot.com), and noticed that my link is nowhere on your site. My blog was inactive for several months due to personal reasons but i intend on keeping it up to date now. It is understandable if i was removed due to the inactivity. Is it possible to re-add me? Let me know!
PS- I will be going through the links on my site again next week, so please reply ASAP! Thanks! :)
(sorry for sending you this via comments section...couldnt find email address anywhere!)

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