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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Love Long Weekends!

Ahh the first day of a long weekend...three whole days stretch out before me. Three days of sleeping in and going for dinner and maybe doing some vintaging. It's a beautiful day and it's supposed to get and stay hot and sunny today!

My guy and I just bought a new car - the BMW 3 series hard top - yep we are cruising in style today. It's a throw on a fabulous crisp 50's cotton sun dress, tie a scarf around the head, put on the Ted Lapidus inspired Chloe sunglasses and grab a tube of sunscreen and hit the road type of day.

Somehow I have managed to stumble into my own version of my perfect life and it's days like today that really bring it home and remind me just what a lucky girl I am. Here's to the open road and hoping all that read this today have a perfect day with me! It can happen - I swear!

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