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Celebrity Vintage Spot!

By now you have all probably heard the huge splash in the media Angelina Jolie made when she fessed up to paying only $26 for this vintage dress that she wore to her premiere of The Mighty Heart. I found it amusing that the press was aghast, not that she had worn vintage, but that she confessed that she only paid $26 for it (at Wasteland in LA btw). Well duh, we all know that in vintage it's not about what you pay. Its like antiquing - if you find a Chippendale at a garage sale and pay $50 for it - wouldn't you brag about that? Why is it that when it comes to clothes they are "worth more" if they are worth more? Why is the price tag the most important thing these days? So if she had bought that dress from me and paid $260 would that be OK? Or is it only Ok if she had bought it at Decades in LA and paid $26,000? I bet that would only have gotten a passing nod of approval. Do you know why I say this? Because when Jennifer Lopez paid $25,000 for her green Jean Desses dress she wore to the 2006 Oscars (see below) I saw that price tag posted once, yep once and it was written with the reader knowing the writer was saying the price with approval.

Angelina looks fabulous, she is helping to keep vintage main-stream and she is a smart shopper who is obviously not too big for her boots regardless of how much money she has. And don't forget she paired this with Louboutin heels...hello there goes $800 dollars. Fabulous women don't care about the price tag. Fabulous woman care about how they look in their clothes and stay true to their style. It's not about the price tag it's about style. Well done Angelina!

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