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Moss & Leopard Spots

Kate Moss was spotted (spotted - get it LOL) out on the town a couple of nights ago decked out in one of her all-time faves - her leopard coat. She mixes this fabulous vintage coat over her own line of clothes for Top Shop and I bet her shoes are like $700 Louboutin's or something in that range. Once again proving (as always) that the fabulous girl does it up with a MIX. Do vintage do obnoxiously expensive and then do the cheap (but well-cut) pieces and put em together. You get a look that is yours and not the runway's.

Leopard is pretty hot this fall - as it seems to be every few fall's and in honor of Miss Kate Moss I thought I would highlight the 2 pieces of leopard print items that I currently have listed.

First is this amazing 1950's or 1960's beretish shaped cap done in a spotted fur. I am not a fur expert but I am pretty sure this is at very least Geoffrey's cat. It has a fabulous gold lame lining and grosgrain ribbon trim on the inside edge. This is a super easy and super LUXE way yo add leopard to your outfit. It's priced at $125 and available on Shrimpton Couture now.
Second up one of my absolute favorites ever. It was hard to put this one on the site. It has been in my collection for a long time and I was just hanging on to it waiting for the right moment to pull it out! It probably 50's or 60's and is this super easy jersey-nylon piece that has the general feel of a cheongsam but not in that fitted kind of way. The print is done superbly - so many leopard print items are so tacky they literally make me shudder, but this is that rare exception. Can you just imagine throwing this on with high glossy chocolate to-the-knee boots and adding a huge croc day clutch from Marc Jacobs and hitting the town? Crap see, now I want to take it back down...... sigh, I have issues girls. This one is priced at $225 and of course is available at Shrimpton Couture now.

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