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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Today's New Listing

I almost feel silly saying today's new listing because the reality is that the site re-launched Sunday so ALL the listings are pretty much new. But I am making a committed effort to replace items as fast as they are sold. If you have seen the site you know that the new format is laid out into the top ten must haves for fall. Then within each of these main key pieces I am offering a selection of pieces that I think work. Work as beautiful vintage pieces and work into and around a modern day fabulous girl's wardrobe. The silk 1950's tie blouse in lemon got sold in a flash - and well it should have - and to replace I have added this amazing little silk evening shell in the most shocking Schiaperelli Pink that would have made Elsa proud herself. It's a little masterpiece of construction. It is almost molded the seaming is so fine. You can see how perfect it just sits atop of my new mannie (affectioning nicknamed Kate by my new assistant Jenny - the mannie that is not the blouse) . It is a absolutely stunning piece that will make me hands shake a little when it gets packed for it's new girl. Gosh vintage can just be the most beautiful stuff can't it.........

Listed at $125


Take a peek at the new site! Click the link to Shrimpton Couture to the right or just head on over to www.shrimptoncouture.com. I hope you love it!

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