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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Check out Mandy Moore in a fabulous pair of vintage jeans.

All the fashions mags have been shouting to the rooftops that the big trend is the W-I-D-E leg. And yep I have a couple of pairs myself after I decided that my "look" this season was 70's supermodel does 40's.

But to be honest the realllly wide pair I bought from Diane Von Furstenburg

The Ultra-Wide Gavin's:

Cost me a sh*t load of money, but after trying on 50 bazillion pairs I decided to pop for them because they quite simply, they where the ones that made my butt look decent. Well, those particular pair of jeans are at the this very moment languishing in the closet awaiting for their debut. Now to be fair its been crazy ass warm here so I am still in dresses and pumps with bare legs so it may be a weather issue.

But despite that fact that I still think they make my butt look OK, I have yet to see a single girl wearing them - or any super wide leg pant yet. What about in your neck of the woods? Are you seeing girls doing this look?

Are wide leg jeans a DO or a HELL NO?

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