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I stumbled across this synopsis of Rachel Zoe's new book - From A to Zoe -
check this out:

Style A to Zoe is a must-have manual that every would-be fashionista. Rachel Zoe is a lovely lady with an impeccable eye for style. Zoe is the stylist to many stylish superstars, with the authority to dole out fashion, beauty, and home decorating advice. Her client list includes Jennifer Garner, Keira Knightley, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan, among others.

While “glamour” often receives a negative connotation in the media, Zoe emphasizes that there is nothing wrong with adding a little glamour to your life. Glamour is not “conspicuous consumption” but “a luxuriant reality marked by charming, unexpected details.” While sharing her expert advice on coordinating outfits with accessories, Zoe points out that big spending is not necessary for big style. With the right eye for style, it is possible to look totally chic without spending a lot of money. One of Zoe’s tips though, is to splurge a little on shoes and handbags, because they are worth the investment. Another piece of sage advice is that whenever there is doubt, stick to the classy pieces rather than falling victim to the latest trend. Trends come and go as quickly as the changing seasons, but true class and sophistication are timeless. With Zoe’s advice, once can hope to be “effortlessly haute instead of lazily scruffy.”

Along with many personal anecdotes, Zoe includes pictures of many of her clients all dressed up at red-carpet events, as well as pictures of herself with family and friends. Interspersed between her own opinions are glamour and style are words of wisdom from the revered Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Margherita Missoni, and Zoe’s other friends in the fashion industry.

I liked the book, although I took it with a grain of salt. Some of Zoe’s advice is not all that practical for the ordinary woman, although she does try to adapt her style tips for everyday use. I think that Zoe makes some really good points, and I agree with her belief that adding a little luxury and indulgence to your life will only make you happier. However, after last year’s controversy surrounding Zoe and her super-thin clients, I am not so quick to believe everything she says. While glamour and style can be a fun part of life, I think it’s most important for girls to feel comfortable, beautiful, and happy in their own bodies.

Official review, taken with permission from Young Adult Books Central

Now I have not actually read the book yet myself so I can't judge. I do collect all and every fahion book I can get my little hands on though so when I do read this one I will let you know my humble opinion.

I do want to point out Miss Zoe's fab vintage Misoni dress in the picture above, which as we all know is by far more important.

Alo I have had the suggestion of naming this new regular spot on the blog
"Vintage Zoe"

What do you think? Do you have a better moniker? leave your contender or vote in the comments!

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