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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Holy posting batman - including a documented OSSIE

So there are about 50 new items whose photos are up at Shrimpton. Now I need to add descriptions, measurements and buy buttons. The pricing for each is up so if you are dying for something and I am too slow pop me an email. I am working with a slow connection and a computer that keeps crashing so please be patient....the info is coming!

Meanwhile here a sneak peek at one of the most new and fabulicious things up on the site -
it's this gorgeous Celia Birtwell print Ossie Clark with insane over-the-top ruffled shoulders adn huge bell sleeves. It is just incredible!

Ironically since I posted it I happened over read the blog done by my friend Liz over at Emma Peel Pants and she had just did a post on Ossie Clark and featured a ton of original shots from Vogue back in the day....

does this one look a tad familiar? How freaking cool is that?
An iconic dress and a documented one!
Someone better snatch it up before I pull it -
I am having serious second thoughts on letting it go now

sigh - i know i know
I have vintage issues


emmapeelpants said...

I thought it looked familiar....you're welcome ;)

Shrimpton Couture said...

No one on the web can spot an Ossie faster then you do Liz! Thank you ever so much for always posting the best British Boutique info!!


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