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A Celebrity Vintage Spot I Never Thought I would see

I apologize if even the THOUGHT of Paris Hilton in vintage made you spill your coffee on your keyboard, never mind actually seeing a potential picture of the deed, but apparently the rumor on the net has it that the dress Paris taped her appearance in for tomorrow night's David Letterman show is VINTAGE. I am still not quite sure I believe it. For some reason she does not strike me as the type of girl who would do vintage. I guess we have to wait till tomorrow to see for sure. If it is (it does look like it could be) then you have to give her credit where credit is due. Welcome to the world of being an individual Paris......



It is Marc by Marc Jacobs -
Laura wrote in and let us know - check out the comments to get the link to buy if you love it.
I just knew in my gut that Paris was not a vintage girl LOL

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Laura said...

It DOES look vintage! But it's actually a marc by marc jacobs dress:



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