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Celebrity Vintage Spot - SAG 2008

The internet pregnant with twins rumors are already running rampant at Angelina Jolie's choice of dress for the SAG awards. And she is getting a bit slammed for its volume which in many of the pictures does seem a tad overwhelming. But to be fair I bet this dress when she is stands just a certain way.....at a certain angle.... like the angle you see yourself in a shop mirror and you jut out your hip just so.......well I bet at that angle it looked fabulous. (and you know you have done this in the mirror yourself ......turned and twisted till you found the one pose the dress looks absolutely fabulous in.... and then you talked yourselves into buying it despite the other 2,000 angles that did not work so well cause you just LOVED the DRESS)

She is beautiful regardless, so I figure she can wear what the hell she wants especially if she is pregnant with twins.

And the dress is undoubtedly the most fabulous silk in the world which would explain the lust to wear it. At least it better be the most fabulous silk because it's vintage Hermes!

So scoff if you must at her choice but let me just share this with you.

The Back of the Dress

Ok so now we know the angle that made her buy the dress.

That shot alone makes me want it despite what the front looks like at any angle.

(Did you really think Hermes would get it so wrong?)
(Or Angelina for that matter?)

1 comment:

glittergirl said...

i hated that dress till i saw the back. if the front was different - more fitted or something it would have been better

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