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Even Designers Wear Vintage

When I was waiting for my flight yesterday I cruised the web looking for some vintage spots to post for you all and came across this picture of Erin Fetherston wearing vintage Guy Laroche earlier this year. I love the richness of the red contrasted against her platinum hair!

Erin Fetherston

(go see her collections and read her bio at www.erinfetherston.com)

is a young, hip and terrific upcoming talent to watch in the designer world. I imagine that it must be tough to go to awards and events in anything but your own collection once you get tot he point where your own line has so much buzz......

but if you wear vintage it neatly circumvents the dilemma of how not to promote another current designer and avoid the question of 'why aren't you wearing your own line?'

Erin's collection looks to be easy to wear and well cut. Her current collection for spring 08 is done is a soothing palette of silver-grays and creams. The dress above is one from that collection and looks to be the perfect dress to just throw on for instant chic! So today's celebrity vintage spot also has a bit of future vintage too I think!

PS I am traveling at the moment so posting may happen at the oddest times depending on my access to the net. I am also in a different time zone so don't despair of you don't see a post first thing in the morning as per usual!

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