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Oh Prada How Do I Love Thee

There are so many fashion bloggers (many of whom are in the Web Snob group)
that cover the shows so wonderfully, I tend to stick to the past.
I do follow all the shows but usually from a vintage point of view.

Which means
A) I am looking for key pieces to invest in that are what I like to call 'Future Vintage" and
B) I want to see the shape and cut of the season so I can reflect those silhouettes in the pieces I choose to put up for sale at Shrimpton Couture


When shows take their inspiration from the past and make it look fabulous....well, I have been known to hunt down a vintage-inspired dress with all the tenacity of a clothes crazed girl with a whole FLOOR to hold any over-flow. (OK so its my studio but still it is a whole floor of space)

The Fall-Winter Prada show falls under just that category. It has taken an extreme vintage look ....lace... and made it look fabulous and current

Lovely, dear, sweet, Prada has shown a collection of lace frocks that cannot be ignored. I am enamored. I thought Miuccia's floral spring frocks where vintage-inspired little pieces of YUM, and now for fall she has gone all lace on top of a forties silhouette.

This is what Miuccia herself said about her inspiration:

"The collection was very femme fatale," Prada revealed in a post-show interview. "I wanted a surface that was simple - I needed something that moved. I started looking at lace and I became obsessed with it - and also, of course, because I never liked it. It reminds me of children, the church. I got rid of all the old connotations. Here, it was very feminine, elegant and dignified."..."The collection was about very simple shapes - just two skirts and shirts - with the shirt changing the proportion,"

Click here to see the full collection
but the ones shown throughout this post are a few of my favorites.

I find this collection interesting because lace is NOT a very fashionable fabric anymore. It has not been popular since the great lace gowns from the 30's (well except for that minor transgression involving Madonna and her material girl but we will not count that here- it was just a blip).

It's nice to see this utterly lovely form of fabric used so prevalently throughout an entire collection. And it's nice to think that by Prada using lace in a collection now, it might just cause a bit of a resurgence in vintage lace frocks.

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