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Random Personal Post

Is it snowing where you are? It is here and I have absolutely NO, nada, zip, energy to post a real post today. I am snuggled on my couch reading my new copy of the V&A book - The Golden Age of Couture". I have a fire going in the fireplace and am barely aware of the so-called "real world". I had planned to do an in-depth post on some of the new "revived" designer collections - mainly Biba's collection this year, and the newly re-launched collections of Ossie Clark and Halston that showed in London yesterday. But to be honest I was not blown away by any of them so am waiting for a day when I don't feel like I will just bitch endlessly about the three of them.

Allow me instead to switch gears completely & go totally off-topic from fashion & vintage & snow

Let's instead talk giraffes

This is my buddy from the zoo and today we are going to go to the zoo.
(which are BTW really great places to go if you have not yet been)

indulge me while I explain

Have you ever left pictures on a camera only to be surprised by the memories they bring back when you down-load them at a later date? That happened to me today and the pictures where from a trip to Miami Beach that I took last fall with My Guy. I took a camera on that trip that I do not use as much as my daily studio camera and completely forgot to down-load them or that I had even taken them. It was a bittersweet moment. I had that initial burst of joy to have found these little bits of memories, followed by a sharp pang of longing for sunshine and warm weather.

On that trip to Florida, My Guy had taken me to the Miami Zoo.
Seems a silly thing but I adore the zoo and had never been to this one before this trip.
It was the middle of the week and when we arrived we realized that there where in total maybe a dozen other people there if that.

It was like having the zoo booked just for us for the day!

For all of us who are stuck in the snow and cold,
for those of you in the city where things are slushy and in mid-winter yuck....
and for those of you who love the zoo like I do
here are some pictures of that day I want to share with you so you have a touch of sunshine and simplicity in your life today

I know this is a little out there for a blog about fashion, but since it is my blog and Shrimpton Couture really is ME at the end of the day I can guess I can post about monkeys if I feel so inclined. And if it's not your thing, well just scroll down past this particular entry if you don't feel like seeing a picture of a giraffe, even if he is damn cute in a giraffe kind of way.

I do promise to go back to vintage tomorrow and I do promise that I will post about Ossie and Halston another day.......

But on this snowy, cold day,
well today let's all just be a bit geeky and dig the zoo........

monkey doing monkey things in the sunshine

The Rhino politely posing during his lunch

thanking My Guy for my trip to the zoo

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