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What's The IT Brand?

According to Vogue it's Gucci:

GUCCI, with Chanel and Calvin Klein tied in second place, is the most coveted brand in the fashion industry, according to a recent survey by Nielsen. Under the guidance of the brand's creative director Frida Giannini, Gucci's profits have soared - especially booming in Asia-Pacific, Russia and the Middle East; mature markets that the brand had yet to conquer two years ago. Gucci's success lies in their ability to tap into what sells and create everything from perfume, accessories, clothes and jewellery to appeal to their customers. According to WWD the company plans to open stores in emerging markets later this year – one in Prague and Budapest respectively and two in India. This, following the huge opening of their new flagship store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan during New York Fashion Week – corresponding with a big party co-hosted by Madonna at the UN – will surely mean more headlines for the brand in the months to come. (February 29 2008, AM)

Ally Pyle

Want to own a bit of the original?
Check out this vintage Gucci bag available at Shrimpton now.
I have a few more I just might post
although now it's tempting to keep them if they are so in!

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Denise Bags said...

Awww, I can remember when Gucci first started. I hope I'm not dating myself with that statement. I can remember thinking 'What's the big deal, its just a purse?' Now I see what the big deal was & I regret not getting me some original Gucci's.

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