We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Woe is Me

One of the new photos


I am posting today just to whine.

You see I recently invested in a professional backdrop and lighting system so I could up the game on my web site's photography. After all, if you are buying clothes with only the pictures to go by then the least I can do is to make sure those pictures are as great as I can make them be! So I began to re-shoot my current items up on the site on Friday. First it took me hours to figure out the lighting (and I am still not happy with the black colored items so please bear with me and them as I experiment to the point where they look great!). THEN I had to do the minor editing they require to get them ready to upload and THEN I began to upload and replace the photos. HOURS OF TIME.......

Now at this point you are probably wondering what the big deal is - zip zip and the photos are uploaded right? Right, IF you don't live in the country with abysmal internet uploading speeds. It takes an average of THREE minutes per photo. I think I uploaded about 100 photos yesterday.

Then today I realized I had done the wrong replace link when I uploaded the photos. If you go to the site you can see the lovely new photos on the main shop page and then in the gallery of each item you see - TADA the OLD photos in the large view and the new lovely photos in the thumbnails only.


I have to re-do them all.

So if you are looking at the site and wondering what the heck I am doing....well besides sitting in a crumpled heap of my studio with little sad-for-me tears slowly tracking down my cheeks...other then that ...I am diligently trying to get the site to look and work properly again.

Be patient please and try not to giggle at me at this point.

Clothes....clothes I know.....html ...THAT was put on this planet as my punishment for that outfit in eighth grade I am sure

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