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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Word On the Net.....

...is that capes are the new trend after one of our favorite vintage wearing girls, Victoria Beckham was spotted looking delicious in hers....

and recently blogged about right here at Shrimpton (same dress too if you are paying attention) Kyle Minogue was also spotted wearing a more fluid version....

girls this is not a trend...it is a resurgence of something that us fabulous girls have known for eons...... yeesh since the time of maid marion and robin hood, fashionable women have been wearing capes. Think victorian charm, flapper fabulous, 30's movie starlet, 70's studio 54 halston babes...you get the pciture.

Capes are not a trend they are a MUST HAVE in a girl's wardrobe.

so you don't wear them every day but when you do......when you do....well you promise me right here and now that you work it honey...be your own Kyle or Victoria for the day ......you do after all have generations of fabulous women to live up to......capes are certainly NOT a measly flash in the pan trend to pretend to be following

and we vintage girls know the difference between trend and 'always been fabulous' don't we?
Uh huh


you can find fabulous vintage capes at Shrimpton
and if you don't see what you want -
email and ask cause we can get you your perfect cape!!

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