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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Sielian Style

It turns out that Sielian Lie, owner of Sielian's Vintage Apparel in West Hollywood, is a fan of my blog! And that quite a few of the Celebrity Vintage Spots that I have featured over the last couple of years are frocks that have been purchased at her shop! Sielian and I have been corresponding and I have asked her if she would send us some pictures every once in a while of her clients in their fabulous vintage finds. She might even give us the occasional insider tidbit if it seems you my fabulous readers like that sort of thing!

Sielian sent me a few pictures of her celebrity clients to start out with, and I had to have a good giggle at myself.....there are a few starlets to choose from in this first bunch of pictures, and I will post more pictures in between our other regular posts....but, for the launch of this new regular post courtesy of my new friend Sielian, I HAVE to post this picture as the first one:

Yes it is Paris Hilton
A fabulous girl has to admit when she is wrong and it turns out that Paris Hilton IS a vintage girl after all. So I was dead wrong and I am publicly admitting it.

And Paris does her own shopping to find her vintage treasures - no stylist carting in stuff for her to choose from in the sanctuary of her own home.
I suddenly find myself thinking she might even be fun to hang around with.

And after reading this quote from Sielian on Miss Hilton:

"As for Paris all the dresses vintage and vintage 50's beaded Purse and sunglasses.
Paris loves all vintage dresses
( she is not obsessed with vintage COUTURE, so for her a
nything cute and girlie she buy!)"

I even find myself feeling this odd sense of respect for her too.

Who would have EVER thought?


You can visit Sielian's Vintage Apparel at 9013 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood

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