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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Sielian Style

Sielian sent me this pic last week of Devon Aoki in a 1960' dress that she wore to last year's Heidi Klum Hallowe'en party.
Sielian also would like me to share that she is opening her own website soon www.sieliansvintageapparel.com.
It must be a blast to have famous people come in and shop from you - mine are all over email though once in a while I do get to meet ome of my fabulous clients.
You know who you are girls ;-)
Keep those picturescoming Sielian - we love em!


Fabian said...
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Fabian said...

What a hideous dress, no WONDER the other fashion sites don't have this posted! You have such awful taste, are you from a trailer or shack?

Shrimpton Couture said...

Are you asking me? Devon? or Sielian? At present you have a 1 in three chance os one of us being born in a trailer or shack - not bad odds at all.

Personally I dont love the dress either but it was for a hallowe'en party so I give it some slack LOL

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