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Celebrity Vintage Spot

I am posting this celebrity vintage spot delibaritly today becasue it illustrates something people often do not think about. That vintage can be just a great basic. I bet most of you would look at the picture of Chloe Sevigny adn guess that her skirt is vintage - it has all the elements - its brocade looking, it has a bit of a poof to it, it just has that vintage feel. But it is actually the new piece of here ensemble. The skirt is Miu Miu and it is here sweet little sweater that is the vintage piece. People often think of the vintage pieces in their wardrobe as being the show stopper pieces. The superstars. The OMG pieces. And rightly so as those are the most fun to find. But there is also just the classic fabulous vintage piece that stands the test of time no matter what the year or season. The classic trench, the cashmere sweater, the little black dress. A great vintage basic is sometimes the greatest find. Because it is like wearing a secret. No one would ever guess it is vintage but you know. And sometimes it is just nice to have a secret of your own for a day - gives a girl an air of mystery somehow.

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