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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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This is Trinny Woodall of What Not To Wear (British edition) fame, at the Feast of Albion & The Frick Young Fellows Ball last night.

I swear this is an Ossie Clark frock - don't you think?
But I have never seen this color used before.
I suspect it is actually a true red moss crepe that the lighting in the picture has turned a more salmon color- though would it not be fantastic in this color!

I love it!!
Look at the lines and the cut.
This is why Ossie's are so highly sought after girls.
This is simply and amazing dress and when you think that this was made in and around 1969 or so...well it boggles the mind just how relevant the dress still is, if not still, even now, almost 40 years later, AHEAD of it's time!

(insert love-sick sounding sigh here)

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WendyB said...

On my crazy monitor, the red looks like a more normal Ossie red. Though my monitor is often misleading!

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