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A little vintage giggle

Yesterday I stumbled across this picture of Audrina Partridge attending a show at LA Fashion week and I had to look twice.

Her dress is a virtual blue copy of the fabulous little red 10970's halter dress that I literally packed and sent off to Caroline, it's new owner, that exact same day. My little vintage number has ties that go around the neck but they can be tucked in so that you get a complete strapless look like the blue version above.
In fact I have a suspicion that the blue dress also has these straps and in an attempt to show that eennsy teensy little bit more skin, that these got tucked too.

It is always a bit amusing to see someone in a brand new dress that is an exact copy of one designed 30 or 40 years ago. It's even more amusing to know that Caroline probably paid a fraction of what the lovely Audrina paid.

And forgive me for being a little snooty on this one, but MY dress is a better color too.

These are the moments when a vintage girl feels rather smug, she does

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