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More Real Life Vintage

This is Hope Atherton at the American Museum of Natural History 2008 Winter dance in a vintage1930's cerise colored silk velvet gown.

I particularly love this post because I find it irritating how much we modern day girls underestimate a silk velvet. I think what happened is way back when they introduced the much heavier and not as fluid cotton velvet, or the truly icky synthetic velvet's of today ((shudder)), somewhere along the line velvet just got a bad rap.

Well darlings silk velvet is not like that at all.
Its like liquid sex.
Its soft, it runs through your fingers, it slides over your curves,
it catches the light so that parts of it seem miles deep.

If you do not know what silk velvet is I give you the challenge of finding a vintage store near you this week and going in a nd feeling it. And if it doesn't feel like what I just described above then ask again if it really is SILK velvet. It has to be an early piece - like that lovely original silky rayon, after a certain point in history they just did not make it anymore.

And yes I will find you a gown in silk velvet once you are firmly addicted.
You know you just have to ask


brainwash said...

Amen! Lots of variance between all the VELVETs out there. I don't wear it very often since I am a curvy girl and most often a whole dress made of velvet (not the aforementioned SILK velvet, mind you) makes me feel like I'm upholstered. *ha!* But in the winter and in small doses I love it!!

WendyB said...

Beautiful color!

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