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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Diary of vintage girl

I have really gotten an overwhelming response from all of you when I asked for feedback for the site. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy that so many of you say that my little piece of the web is a regular stop for you!

I also got a few comments on the blog and it seems you want more stuff about moi and what its like to run a vintage business and all that goes with it. Hence the new Diary posts. I was also asked what I actually wear day to day. So what the hell, I figure I can post a picture of me once in a while. Just try not to die laughing your asses off at me and remember that I run a polite and positive blog.

Today I got sick of working on the new site even though the end is in sight. It is a beautiful sunny day here and one of my favorite sales associates called from Holt Renfrew so I thought I would take a break and go see what was new. I think people are always surprised that I do not wear vintage from head to toe, but I really do not. I think it should be used to give your outfit that extra special POP. Otherwise you are just in costume. I do almost always have one piece of vintage upon my person at all times though - I feel rather naked if I don't.

So my outfit - uh huh, that is me doing the Vogue pose for you all in a Chloe cape from a few seasons ago, topping a Pink Tartan pencil skirt, opaque tights and my new YSL Tributes in blue. Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses and my 1940s vintage Hermes bag finished it off. The color of the skirt is better in person but you get the idea. And yes that is me with my new hair, no more black hair and apparently this might be my natural color too.....who knew huh?

My big oversized muffin head puppy wandered in while I was taking these for you so I took a photo of her checking out my shoes.

Has she gotten a ton bigger or what? Her name is Coco and for all of you who where wondering she is a Great Dane. And she is not even 4 months old yet! Holy crap is she going to be big! She is named after the great Coco of course - her full name is Coco Iman Verushka Dantry (Dantry after her breeder - Dantry Danes) Did you know that Coco Chanel herself owned a Great Dane? I actually came across a picture of Coco with her Dane in an issue of Vanity Fair - but I cannot find it. One day if I do (or if someone has it and can send me a picture) I will post it for you.

Back to working on the site....toodles

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Guerreira said...

hey, loving the diary!

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