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Fug you too

Remember this picture of Rhianna? Well the girls over at Go Fug Yourself Fugged it. I actually saw the post a few days ago and it irked me but I held back.

Now I admit, I meander on over to that column once in a while on the 'gawking at a train wreck -cant be helped' excuse, even though in principal I try hard NOT to bash people here at my little blog. I know occasionally my opinion might sneak through and I also know that if I did BASH celebrities at every turn I would probably get more traffic. But I have decided that for me and my principals I am running a polite place here that tries to keep a positive slant on things.

So I see who they Fug and sometimes I shake my head that they even bother giving their attention to some. I mean, come on peeps we live in a PR driven society. Don't you think the really, really bad (and I do mean really bad) outfits are on purpose? If you see some big Star who has not gotten press for a while, and they suddenly appear in some weird get-up - its probably PR.

Or it might be a celebrity who is just too young, and new to the business to be able to afford a stylist or to have picked up her own style yet. Guess what folks? A girl who is 17 or 18 has no style yet. If she does its a bloody miracle bestowed at random by the fashion gods. Do none of us remember what being 18 was like?

But Rhianna a Fug?

Now this jumpsuit is not for everyone, I wholeheartedly grant you that one. But isn't it, like, MANDATORY that someone in society push the proverbial fashion envelope?

Can't a girl just feel like having a bit of a seventies inspired moment, know she's got the body to do it and just go for it without getting an undeserved FUG?

This is not a FUG outfit.

It might not be for YOU fuggirls, but guess what girls of fugness, that doesn't mean it doesn't has its place.

Not all of us want to play in the little, safe, black dress, playground of life. Some of us like forging our own path and going where there is - wait for it now - COLOR and PATTERN.

AND have you ever notice there is never a picture of the FUG BASHERS? Isn't there a saying in that above-mentioned safe, little black dress playground that goes something like - dish it out but can't take it?

Don't ever, ever , ever go visit my website fug girls - the colors will have you reeling for weeks. Trust me it is not your thing. You are NOT fabulous vintage girls. That moniker is reserved for a type of woman you are not.

Just ask Rhianna


Sharon Rose said...

Well, I think Rhianna rocks in this-Stella could not have wished for a better model-thats my own opinion anyway because I loved this outfit from the moment I saw it!!

Anonymous said...


Shrimpton Couture said...

LOL thank GOD someone cares enough to spell check me! I am a bit dyslexic so if spell check does not catch it I don't even see it - my brain just does not even process it. can you proof my website once the new version goes live? Seriously? I do not take offense - every one who knows me knows I have wonky spelling at times. Its part of my charm :-)

You should see my texting! Yikes!

WendyB said...

I am so with you on this. I used to like the Fug blog, but as you said, it's ridiculous to fug people who are basically in costume. Then, on the other hand, they fug people who are bit adventurous. I LOVE Rihanna in this outfit! It's beautiful on her. Down with the Boring Black Dress!

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