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Shrimpton Girl Inspiration

Nicole Ritchie has this fabulous way of throwing on 4 items and looking effortlessly cool. Her dressing guideline is easy. After donning underwear (let's just assume) 95 percent of her outfits consist of the following:

One fabulous dress
One pair of fabulous shoes
One fabulous bag
One pair of big fabulous sunglasses

Not such a difficult formula is it and one I most heartedly endorse.

Once the weather gets warm enough to bypass tights and boots this is the exact same formula you will see me in day after day. I always have a bit of a giggle when people think it must take a great effort to look fabulous every day. But how much easier can it get than this? The effort comes into getting to know your body and what shape works on you. The 4 piece approach to dressing is easy, but its the shape and cut of those four pieces that counts.

Once you know that you are good to go because you buy variations of those pieces and every time you reach into your closet you have a no fail, fabulous outfit.

It does of course help if you have a few beautiful vintage pieces from the new Shrimpton Couture.

Then you can be effortless, fabulous and of course, the only girl who has it.

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WendyB said...

Post Rachel Zoe, she knows how to look effortlessly cool. Pre Zoe, she put in a lot of effort without a lot of cool resulting. Remember? What a transformation.

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