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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Most of the pictures I saw up until now of this Chanel Haute Couture Vintage dress on Kate Bosworth where horrid angles and just as unflattering as can be. I finally came across these for you. Being a girl who deals in vintage and having taken an astounding amount of photographs of dresses in my lifetime - seriously the number is frightening - I can bet my bottom dollar that this dress is absolutely amazing in person and just does not translate in a picture. there is something about trying to photo beading and in particular - multi-colored beading that seems the stump the camera. Personally, I would give up my first born for this to be in my closet.

PS If you read the post below you saw the white dress worn by Naomi Watts, that I thought to be vintage - it was - it is a vintage Thierry Mugler. I have only one piece of Thierry over at Shrimpton at the moment - a killer wasp waist suit

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