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Diary, Sartorial Musings & Walmart

icydk reports that Megan Fox is banned from Walmart for life. Thats a bunch of hooey. Having known a certain person in my youthful wild days that did get dunged for shoplifting (and no its not me - I wish I had that kind of scandalous past I could dwell on as I turn into an old chick) but you don't get banned for life only for like a year. AND do you really think that Walmart is going to say Hey Ms Famous Megan Fox - you can't come it. Shit they would get more publicity in one day if she showed up then in a years worth of dull TV ads. In fact if I was a conspiracy, cynical kind of girl (which BTW I am, well the cynical part anyway) I would hazard that Walmart leaked it themselves.

On a more fashionable front, I saw this photo over at The Sartorialist and I want this outfit. Though to really make it work I will have to grow 6 inches and drop 10 pounds but that is all details. The essentials are fab on this one. Booties, bare legs the flirty skirt, the cape jacket. Love it completely - do you guys?

last here is moi in what I wore today. Am I an idiot to post me with Megan Fox and that lovely 20 year old? Ahh well, apparently the benefit of getting older is that you are more confident so let's forge on. The funny thing about this outfit is that the last time I wore it I was in Miami going out to dinner. It looks completely different with bare tanned legs and high gold sandals. I decided to post this though to show you that your summer frocks can work all year round if the balance is right. Even though this lovely little Mr Dino frock looks killer sexy with bare legs it still works over pants with heels because of the amount of fabric. I look like I have no hair here at all but its just scraped back in a ponytail because I was too lazy to wash it. Truth in beauty hurts - or at least when you fess up when posting public pictures.

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WendyB said...

I heart Mr. Dino.

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