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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Of all people, you know who I am...who the world needs me to be. I'm Wonder Woman."

That folks is a direct quote from the Wonder Woman series of which I was an avid fan as a girl.

Last Nights Costume Institute gala was themed around Wonder Woman and the ensembles ranged from flat out glam to interpretations of a modern day wonder woman. Here are a few of the stand outs for me. It will be amusing to see who gets fugged when the point of the ball was to dress for the theme. Uhmm that means a lot of people went with a costume theme in mind. Like uhm a costume party, you know - where you dress us? So when you see people getting trashed that are obviously in costume, try to remember that the world sometimes needs a girl who knows how to just have fun and not take herself too seriously.

Now on the pictures of my favorites from the event. And just so we are clear - my favorites rapidly become apparent as the ones that have a definite vintage inspiration - did you expect anything less? I also picked the one I thought to have a bit of an original twist to how things where put together.

The Fashion Editor Wonder Woman
Anna Wintour in Chanel Haute couture.
Don't you fug her girls - this is the epitome of couture meets costume
and when you look at it in that light it is perfection

Psychedelic Heaven
Joy Bryant in head to toe seventies influence Pucci.
I love love love a girl with the balls to wear this much color and print and the fact that it is Pucci well darlings that just makes it better

Pucci Pucci Pucci x two
Coco Rocha and Anja Rubik both look smashing in their Pucci
I am hunting down that metallic caftan and it will be in my dressing room by fall! Is that one seriously fabulous gown or what?

Bet this is vintage
I do not love the angle of this photo but if this turns out to be a new dress I will be surprised.
I will add an update when I find out or if you know post it for us!

I Love Marni, I love Lou, I love Consuela
Lou Doillin tops her Marni frock with a crop leather boy jacket and turns Marni into further genius. I have a Marni frock that is almost an exact copy of this one and guess what I am wearing it with next time it ventures out on a night on the town.
She looks genius

These are all Marchesa
but for me Georgina Chapman on the left wins out over the other two
Sorry Dita, you know I still love you to death

But Eva Longoria
might just be the ultimate Marchesa girl.
Those Marchesa girls do ball gown well!

Its not the dress
Its the pairing of the Balenciaga gladiators with a floral silk dress that I love!
This is Vogues Valerie Boster

I know I should not love this
But I have a weakness for these 60s hostess look dresses and this one is so over the top. Its not especially flattering on any body but you can just tell its the most luscious, yummy fabric and look at the collar and cuffs. I heart this dress
Kudos Plum Skyes for making such an off-beat choice and can I borrow it now please?
There are tons more pictures over at Style.com - scoot over and see. A post can only be so long and I just wanted to share some of the ones that where real stand-outs.
Last but not least you can't throw a wonder Woman themed gala and not invite the real


Complete with the cuffs!


WendyB said...

Ha ha! I hadn't seen Lynda and I love that she is wearing cuffs. Love that gown on Eva L. but how is it "superhero"? I don't see the point of having a theme if they're all dressed like they're going to the night-before-the-Oscars party or a bar mitzvah. I mean, lots of pretty dresses but the theme wasn't "pretty dresses." I liked that Anna W. went for it.

August said...

Great selection of photos! I love the Marchesa girls! Anna reminds me of an ice princess but appropriate for the evening.

Always In Style said...

I so love that Lynda wore those cuffs!! Check out my short post on the event if you'd like.

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