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Real Life Vintage - on a BOY

Am posting this today because A - the boy is wearing vintage and carrying a Birkin and that makes him a fabulously orginial boy that I would probably like to go shopping with and borrow things from his closet and B - the story along with this photo made me think random evil thoughts that you can choose to read at the end or not.

From the Style File blog:

Bryan Boy, the Manila-based blogger whose musings (www.bryanboy.com) are something of a cult read in fashion circles, is in Sydney for his first ever fashion week. Impressed by his evident passion for accessorizing, I asked him how it was all going.

What are you wearing today?
Jeans from Eairth, which is designed by Melissa Dizon; a Topshop shirt with an Hermès twillie; a vintage coat; and a brooch by Ciara Marasigan-Serumgard, who's a designer in the Philippines. And my Birkin. I got it at the Hermès shop in Hong Kong.

What do you blog about?
Myself, mostly. For some reason, people like to read about my antics. I'm not an insider whatsoever—I mean, I'm doing my blog from my bedroom in the Third World—but I love fashion.

What do you think of Australian fashion week?
It's really organized! I've never been to New York or Paris, but I've heard from my friends how you spend a lot of time going from place to place.

Are you planning on attending either of those?
Definitely. I really want to see Balenciaga and Lanvin. And Louis Vuitton. I know I could get into that because I've spoken with Marc a few times.

When Suzy Menkes gave him a bad review, I made a video in support of him, which he saw. So he e-mailed me. And I e-mailed back saying, you're not Marc Jacobs. So he sent me his personal cell phone number and told me to call him. We talked a few times. He named the BB bag after me. That's my best fashion story so far.


Random thought this story made me think of

There is a certain blogger who at one time championed blogging and all baby bloggers out in cyber space. Then that person made a shitload of $$$ through her championing of said bloggers and suddenly that person publicly proclaims that blogging was passe and sooooooo last year and just a regurgitation of what other people say. Like this post I guess. The only original thing of this post is my random thought and Oh yeah, the BOYS COMMENTS that maybe some of you would never have seen if I did not sit my ass down every day and take an hour or so sorting and searching through tons of stuff and stories for some snips that I think I (or you) might find interesting. So that is like regurgitation coupled with opinions which is *gasp* the reason blogging is so popular - its called free speech and the day that becomes passe is the day we are all sooooooo last year.

Stories like the one above with this boy and his little blog from his bedroom in Manilla of all places and how that somehow translates into MJ naming a bag after him, make me do I silent HA in my head towards hypocritical attitudes.

Never forget where you came from folks.
It might bite you in the ass when someone notices.


Anonymous said...

i totally have the exact same coat!! lol

WendyB said...

Bryanboy cracks me up. It takes nerve to rock his look in Manila!

Julie said...

I still work on behalf of baby bloggers. I just don't think everyone should be championed, people should be educated to produce better quality material. But I do think that blogging needs to evolve. It isn't necessarily enough anymore to say "ohh pretty" and the like that seems to be the standard. You took the time to email BB for an interview. You didn't just post the photo and say "STYLE."

And I stand by those remarks that blogging has hit an impasse as a medium. And a lot of this has to do with my own views on Coutorture and whether it needs to exist as an editorial property. I don't want Coutorture to be simply a blog because frankly I don't think the world needs another big ol fashion blog. There are room for niches but we aren't really being given that option in our current iteration.

I have a feeling you are pissed off because of a certain giveaway we couldn't run but I don't necessarily think its salient to this particular issue.

Next time just be public about the fact that you are ticked off at me. I stand by my post: http://almostgirl.coffeespoons.org/?p=1234

julia said...

Shrimpton, I've been reading your blog for a while now and i have to totally agree with your comment about the Certain Blogger. WHen i first came upon her blog I had to turn away after a few reads.

There is only so much self righteousness one can take, so much saintliness........I happily visit you and Style bubble and Verbatim and Kingdom of Style for great opinions.

Thanks for a great post!

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