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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Writers block and the Bummers

I have both so I apologize for not blogging the last few days.
So Instead I am going to send you somewhere else for a day till I feel like a happy blogger girl again

My websnob group is getting bigger by three - check these guys out:

The Shoe Goddess

Allie Is Wired

Make-Up Bag

And on a personal level...........

One of my favorite fellow bloggers is vintage loving Wendy B - go read her blog

And my newest "best undiscovered blog" is The Ugly Earring - she writes one of the smartest blogs I have read to date.

Both these girls make me feel silly to even try to blog some days they are so good!

Enjoys peeps, send me happy thoughts


WendyB said...

Thanks for the love but I'm sorry you're not in a good mood. Post some more of the beautiful pieces from your store and give us some background on them!

theue said...


thank you for the kind words...and i agree with wendy...a lee bender or ossie clark always brightens the day.

p.s. your store is divine.

Terry said...

That writer's block happens to the best of them. Hopefully, a spontaneous shopping trip lifted your spirits! Shoe Goddess is one of my favorite reads and a fine addition!



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