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Ode To The One Shoulder Dress

I am a huge fan of the one shoulder dress - have been for years. They have a certain understated sexiness to them and remind you of Grecian goddesses and being utterly female but with a sort of I am in charge and you better like it buddy twist. I saw this photo posted today of Emmanuelle Chriqui in this black version which is a tartier, (only because it is way more fitted and is cut asymmetrically up the thigh) version of the one I have posted of my self wearing

Mine is a more ladies who lunch version from the 1970s by Oscar De La Renta and done in a fine wool gabardine so the only sexiness to generates comes from the one shoulder cut

This dress is now SOLD

and then there are the countless great version you can find from the 1970s done in a fill length maxi like this one I have available over at Shrimpoton Couture. They are all done in that fabulous 1970s liquid poly fabric that for some strange reason seems to be the only acceptable polyester ever done - and why did they stop making that anyway? - I personally have three version of this dress in my closet and I love love love wearing them in the summer on a hot summer night with strappy sandals (this year it will be a gladiator version) gold chandelier earrings and maybe a huge chunky gold bracelet or two. And thats it. I know girls who chop them but I am a huge fan of maxis int he summer. You walk in the restaurant in the evening in one of these, amidst a sea of girls trying to shove their sexuality into your face via mini skirts and overly exposed flesh and you will be the girl to turn heads. Not because you look out of place but because you create your own magical space. These one shoulder dresses whether long or short, hearkens back to long past days when the women who wore them where flaunting their sexuality, but in a so much more clever way then we do today.

Try one and see if I am wrong.


WendyB said...

I've always loved the one-shoulder look.

Sandra said...

woohoo hot mama! You look great Cherie!

Name : yuki said...

Oh!Very sexy dress!
It is splendid blog. I am studied.
Please link to this site!

Anonymous said...

Cherie - How are you? I miss your updates and comments!

WendyB said...

Where are ya?

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

one shoulder dress is fantastic..i see lot of it on runway in spring summer 2008

hermes have it too

Walks on Fire said...

Ciao...just wanted to make sure you were still fabulous. Miss seeing you.

Always In Style said...

You look great!

I love the one-shouldered look but I always feel like I'm wrapped in a bath towel when I try one on. Guess I haven't found "the one" yet.

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