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Bessi Bessi Bessi

Coming soon to Shrimpton Couture -
a most fabulous late 1970's Bessi that is in MINT, unworn condition!

What is a Bessi?


The Averardo Bessi Company was founded in 1950. In 1968, the first collection was presented to the fashion world in the patterns and style of Averardo Bessi. "I started at a very early age, working in a fashion atelier. My objective was designing and creating clothing for women, as well as men" says the founder of his namesake fashion house.

A short time later; the stylist developed an idea to propose something truly special, his design for the print on the fabrics that later came to be the realization of his women's collection. Bessi’s prints are reminiscent of Emilio Pucci and he even signed his prints as well. Bessi and other Pucci impressionists are finding their own designs are finally reaching the price range and receiving the respect of their predecessor.

(excerpt from the Vintage Fashion Guild)

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