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Fortuny Alert & A surprising Celebrity Vintage Spot

There is another Fortuny listed on eBay, so if these are your thing you might want to go peek.

What I find more fascinating though is that this particular dress is being sold as having been worn by Lauren Bacall at the 1978 Academy Awards.

At first that may not resonate with you. We live in a society where celebrities regularly are seen at awards shows wearing vintage right? But this was worn in 1978.

THIRTY years ago.

If you are even old enough to remember back that far - who did you know then wore vintage? Hell if anyone you knew was wearing vintage - it would have been termed 'old clothes' or 'hand-me-downs'.

Yet there is Lauren rocking her Fortuny, which at the time would have been, oh about, 60 years old...in public...and looking every inch a movie starlet. And, (putting the condition isues aside for sake of this arguement) if a girl was to wear that same Fortuny today, well SHE would look every inch the movie starlet too, even though we are now looking at a dresss that is getting close to the 100 year old mark.

Shit if that doesn't convert a few people over to why vintage is just plain fabulous, I just don't know what will.

And I have to say, Ms Bacall, I admire you a bit more now as well. I knew you where a girl who did what she wants, when she wants, but I did not quite realize you have been doing it that long.


Anonymous said...

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WendyB said...


Anonymous said...

Back in the sixties vintage was king.
Audrey Hepburn looked divine in Fortuny in "My Fair Lady".


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