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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Wendy B's interview with me on the weekend sparked a bit of a commotion over this lovely Paganne zip front dress. It is to be honest pretty spectacular! The fabric is a fine, Italian almost-a-knit but not quite - do you know the fabric I mean? I never know what to call that type of fabric - its a combination of silk knit or silk and wool knit but when you read wool you always think heavy fabric so I try to skit around that word unless it really is a heavy fabric.

It really was one of the best Pagannes I had ever seen. You see a lot of them in the more common, stretchy poly-knit. But to find one in this upgraded fabric is really something special. And then we found this one too in that same fabric:

Totally different look and feel but equally as spectacular. You guys are lucky my butt is just beyond the measurements of either of these dresses capacity because if they both fit they would be in my personal closet. Even with them being a titch too small they almost did not make it on the site. They are both perfect, the print is crisp and vibrant and they wear wonderfully. Paganne is quickly moving up the ranks for being a highly sought after collectible, and when you find pristine examples like these and in these types of fabrications - well you can see why.

You can find both of these available for sale at
Shrimpton Couture in the Designer & Couture Dress section.


WendyB said...

I must say, the Paganne was the most tempting to me. But what if I should get the pink watercolor dress? Or the red halter or...oh noes! I'm coming to Toronto.

Wearit.com said...

I love the green dress! It makes me want to be a lady who luncheons!

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