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Clovis Ruffin


One of the latest additions at Shrimpton Couture is this one shoulder striped RuffinWear by Clovis Ruffin. It is in unworn mint condition and looks so new that if it did not have the label the girls at Shrimpton would have sworn it was a recent frock and not vintage at all. All I know is that it would be in my closet where it not for the fact that it does not quite fit, despite my attempts to keep my but and stomach on perma-sucked in. So it is out there for some lucky girl to have and love. If it comes to you damp, it is because I weeped a bit upon it as I lovely packed it in its box and tissues.

Here a bit on who Clovis Ruffin was:

(1946-1992) Clovis Ruffin started out to be a photographer, but realized he was more interested in the styles he was photographing than the photography.

His first designs were tee shirt dresses which he cut out himself, hiring a few ladies to do the sewing. He took his dresses to stores like Bloomingdales and before long, he had his own label. Established in 1972, he called it Ruffinwear. His forte continued to be tee shirt dresses, and other casual dresses made from jersey knit.

Eventually Ruffin included a dressier line of clothing, as well as loungewear and handbags. A Coty Award Designer who was at his peak in the 1970's, he died in 1992.

"I thought of clothes in the round, and I also thought of basic styles that would enable women to put the mark of their personality on them." Clovis Ruffin, 1978.

(Excerpt from vintage fashion guild label resource)

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