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So as you are by now aware, lace looks to be one of the major trends for fall 2008. Now in the past lace has been one of those fabrications that tend to be associated with grandma's, those funny round things people put on perfectly good tables and general dowdiness.

But Miuccia, being the forward thinking girl that she is, took a look one day at a lovely piece of lace (probably sitting on her dowdy grandma's perfectly good table) and said hmmm if no one else will then I should ...that is of course, what I was put on the earth to do...to show all the other so-called-designers just how to make a trend out of something people hated up till now.

And so Prada created lace....or recreated....and all the vintage dealers around the world did little happy dances in their third floor studios. OK that was just me, but still.....because we KNEW lace was fucking fabulous all along. Its tremendously lovely stuff when done right and fantabulously sexy when done better then right. A hint of skin peeking through black lace....hell why so you think they use it in lingerie peeps?

Lace is good stuff

And you can get a good vintage piece that will not cost you what Charlize's Prada dress will probably cost

And the quality will be on par with a Prada piece if you buy smart
(or from me of course cause I am a snobby bitch when I pick out things for the shop)

My point is that designers draw their inspiration from the PAST.
And knowing this a very bright, smart, fabulous girl

(which you obviously are)

therefore can jump to the -correct- conclusion that if designers look to the PAST to become hailed as the most FORWARD thinking designer of her time, then it might just be pretty easy for said smart, bright, fabulous girl to buy a past piece and instantly jump shoot ahead of everyone else in fashion land.
Oh and you will have the ONLY one.
Not the one everyone has or has seen in the magazine but the ONLY.

I guess vintage is good stuff too

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